This identity design is for a yoga studio that specializes in back care and scoliosis. Playing off of the studio founder, Deborah Wolk's, love for the artwork of Frank Stella, and at the same time referencing an abstracted depiction of 3 vertebra, I came up with a geometric design that also echoed the interior painting of the space. Squares painted on the studio walls add a sophisticated cheer while at the same time help students orient their spines.

Logo Design for Hawaiian Bar Restaurant located in Gowanus Brooklyn.

Logo Doodle Based on the phrase "Chill the F*ck Out"
For this identity design, I was given piles of late 19th century photographs and illustrations that had belonged to the owner's family estate in upstate New York. After much weeding through the material and negotiation, we decided to use a pine tree image taken from a painting made by the owner's great grandfather. "The Binc" was the name of a sugar shack located on the estate's evergreen bedecked private island. Family members would convene there to drink and socialize.
This alternate design shows "The Binc" sugar shack. This image is based on the paintings of the bar owner's great grandfather.