Crystal Gazing Amplifier. Installation: White Rock Center for Sculptural Arts, Holmes, NY
Silkscreen on chestnut bark and goldenrod dyed, cotton bandanas, clothesline, clothespins
6 x 13.5 feet aprox
Alien Bake Sake (Creator, Sustainer, Destroyer)
Seedpaper colored with Beets and Turmeric, soil, marigolds
11 x 17 approx.

The flowchart form for this site specific installation for the "Painting In Trees Exhibition" at the People's Garden, Brooklyn, NY, was lifted from a 1980's computing textbook. I recreated the chart using homemade seed paper, meant to dissolve and hopefully seed new growth. I created this piece in 2015 after experiencing the sudden death of a loved one. I did not realize the connections at the time, but the act of creating and installing this was deeply healing as I was able to mourn and give embodiment the stages of letting go without having to be tied to specific language or thought processes.