Crystal Gazing Bandana
Amplifier Blue, Chesnut bark, (various)
Amplifier Sunset, Madder Root (various)
Black Sun, Red Amp, Chestnut Bark
Blue Amp, Black Sun Thistle, Goldenrod and Marigold
Through The Heart and Back Spinning 1
Through the Heart and Back Bandanna. Madder 2
Metal Bunker, Iron
Bunker, Chesnut Bark
Balamalam, Chestnut Bark, Tealy
Amplifier Red Checker, Chesnut Bark
Amplifier Sherbet Slide, Madder Root
Amplifer Red/Blue/Black Sun Disrupt, Chesnut
Bunker bandanna, Marigold

>>>------->>>>>>> >>>------->>>>>>> <<<<<<<-------<<< <<<<<<<-------<<<

Care Instructions: 

Hand wash or machine wash in cold water on gentle cycle with like colors using gentle detergent and line dry. For naturally dyed items, water containing iron can sadden certain shades, as can heavy acid perspiration or strong ozone pollution. Do not use bleach, strong chemicals, or harsh detergents. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Print and Color Variation:

These items are hand-crafted, making every piece unique. Print placement may vary on items. Natural dyes produce shade variations in each batch. Some natural dyes can fade slightly or shift with wear and washing over time. These elements make each item truly distinctive and one-of-a-kind. I encourage you to explore the beauty of impermanence and variables.